Providing legal consultation
Drafting and Vetting of Agreements, Website Terms of Service, Privacy Policy
Compliance w.r.t. IT Act 2008 and rules thereunder
Compliance w.r.t. Banking Code of Conduct
Compliance related to KYC and Reasonable Security Practices
Issues pertaining to Virtual Currencies
Legal Aspect to the IT Policies of the Bank
Intellectual Property Rights of the Bank and the associated vendors
Product Liability with respect to Software licenses, end user license agreements etc
Data privacy and Liability
Legal opinion on virtual currencies and PMLA
Training to bank employees related to Cyber Law and other related Legal Framework (quarterly)
To handle the litigation cases before Adjudicating Officer / Cyber Appellate Tribunal / High Court.
Develop legal framework in accordance with reasonable security practices under Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under.
Communicate with Law Enforcement Authorities and other regulatory Authorities such as CERT-In for Legal Matters related to Cyber Law, Cyber cases and Cyber Threats to the Bank on approval from the Bank.