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About the Firm

Welcome to Netlawgic Legal: Pioneers in Cyber Law and Data Protection

Netlawgic Legal is a distinguished law firm, acclaimed for its mastery in Cyber Law Solutions and as the home of leading cyber law and data protection expert lawyers in India. Our team, including renowned privacy experts and IPR experts, is dedicated to providing exceptional legal service, ensuring our clients receive the best possible outcomes with minimal hassle.

Rajas Pingle founded Netlawgic Legal with a vision to not only excel in the legal landscape but to revolutionize it by focusing on client needs, offering compassion, and creating innovative legal strategies. Our Cyber Lawyers and Cyber Crime Advocates in India, including Cyber Lawyers in Mumbai and Cyber Lawyers in Pune, are committed to upholding this vision, making us the go-to firm for cyber law and beyond.

Embracing the forefront of legal advancements and technology, Netlawgic Legal distinguishes itself not just as a law firm but as a beacon of innovation in the realm of cyber law, data protection, privacy, and intellectual property rights. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, our team, composed of the finest cyber law and data protection expert lawyers, privacy experts, and IPR experts across India, navigates the complexities of the digital age to safeguard our clients’ interests. This unique blend of traditional legal acumen and cutting-edge expertise ensures that Netlawgic Legal remains not just a participant but a leader in shaping the future of legal practice in India and beyond, always with a keen eye on the dynamic intersection of law and technology.

Core Values and Mission

Our mission at Netlawgic Legal is to provide cutting-edge Cyber Law Solutions, along with top-notch services in data protection and intellectual property. Our core values include:

– Expertise Across the Board: From cyber law and data protection expert lawyers to privacy experts and IPR experts, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

– Client-Centric Legal Solutions: We tailor our strategies to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring personalised and effective representation.

– A Foundation of Compassion and Empathy: Recognising the challenges our clients face, we approach each case with understanding and sensitivity.

– Innovative Legal Approaches: Our forward-thinking strategies in cyber law, privacy, and intellectual property set us apart.

– Commitment to Transparency: We maintain open lines of communication, keeping our clients informed every step of the way.

– Unwavering Focus on Quality: Each case is treated with the utmost importance, ensuring the dedication and resources needed for success.

Netlawgic Legal’s mission in the practice of cyber law is a testament to the power of blending legal expertise with compassion, client-centric values, and innovative problem-solving. As a pioneering law firm in India, Netlawgic Legal not only advocates for its clients but also contributes significantly to the evolving landscape of cyber law, setting new standards for excellence and integrity in the field.

Netlawgic Legal – Cyber Law Experts stands out as a beacon of personalized legal service in the rapidly evolving domain of cyber law. At the core of our practice is a profound commitment to understanding and valuing each client as an individual, rather than a case file. This commitment is reflected in our daily operations, where we prioritize personalized attention and care for every case we undertake.


WHY CHOOSE NETLAWGIC LEGAL? A Multifaceted Legal Expertise​

Selecting Netlawgic Legal means partnering with a firm that is not only a leader in cyber law but also excels as data protection expert lawyers, privacy experts, and IPR experts. Highlights of choosing us include:

– Comprehensive Expertise: Whether you need a Cyber Lawyer in Mumbai, a privacy expert in Pune, or an IPR expert in India, we have you covered.

– Personalized Legal Representation: We treat every client with respect, understanding, and dedication, focusing on your unique needs and goals.

– Strategic and Effective Legal Solutions: Our team is equipped to handle complex legal challenges with innovative and effective strategies.

– Broad Spectrum of Services: From cyber law to data protection, privacy, and intellectual property, we offer a wide range of legal services.

Your trusted legal partner in cyber law and beyond

Netlawgic Legal stands at the forefront of legal services in cyber law, data protection, privacy, and intellectual property. With a team of dedicated Cyber Lawyers in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and across India, we are committed to protecting your rights and interests in the digital world and beyond.

Join us at Netlawgic Legal, where excellence in legal services meets personalized care and attention. Experience the difference with our team of data protection expert lawyers, privacy experts, and IPR experts today.


our team

Top Law Experts

Our top cyber law and data protection experts are at the forefront of navigating the complex digital landscape, ensuring that the rights and data of individuals and organizations are protected against evolving threats. 

Advocate Rajas Pingle

Managing Partner

Advocate C S Pingle

Senior Partner - Civil and Property Law

Advocate Prateek Khupse

Consultant Advocate
Cyber Law
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Consumer Law

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