What is Defamation?

•The action of damaging the good reputation of someone.

•It can be a Civil wrong under Law of Torts; or

•It can be crime under respective Criminal Law.

•Defaming any person, group, community, religion, organization using social networking.

•Posting defamatory posts on Social Networking Websites / Posting morphed photos on Social Networking Websites

•Defamatory posts on Political figures

Types of Defamation


Oral defamatory statement e.g. Video or Audio clip posted online


Written defamatory statement e.g. Written online post

Defamation Law in India

Section 499, Indian Penal Code

This section says that whoever, by words either spoken or intended to be read, or by signs or by visible representations, makes or publishes any imputation concerning any person intending to harm, or knowing or having reason to believe that such imputation will harm, the reputation of such person, is said, except in the cases hereinafter excepted, to defame that person.

Section 500, Indian Penal Code

This section provides for punishment. Any person held liable under section 499 will be punishable with imprisonment of two years or fine or both.

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