Legal Services for Banks

Cyber law services to Banks

The term digital banking finance immediately brings to mind a marriage of complex electronics/software/computer technology and financial products.

We provide the following cyber law services to the Banks:

  • Providing legal consultation
  • Drafting and Vetting of Agreements, Website Terms of Service, Privacy Policy
  • Compliance w.r.t. IT Act 2008 and rules thereunder
  • Compliance w.r.t. Banking Code of Conduct
  • Compliance related to KYC and Reasonable Security Practices
  • Issues pertaining to Virtual Currencies
  • Legal Aspect to the IT Policies of the Bank
  • Intellectual Property Rights of the Bank and the associated vendors
  • Product Liability with respect to Software licenses, end user license agreements etc
  • Data privacy and Liability
  • Legal opinion on virtual currencies and PMLA
  • Training to bank employees related to Cyber Law and other related Legal Framework (quarterly)
  • To handle the litigation cases before Adjudicating Officer / Cyber Appellate Tribunal / High Court.
  • Develop legal framework in accordance with reasonable security practices under Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under.
  • Communicate with Law Enforcement Authorities and other regulatory Authorities such as CERT-In for Legal Matters related to Cyber Law, Cyber cases and Cyber Threats to the Bank on approval from the Bank.

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