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Consultant Advocate

Advocate Prateek Khupse

Civil Law
Consumer law
Family Law

Advocate Prateek Khupse: Expert Consultant at Netlawgic Legal

Advocate Prateek Khupse serves as a Consultant Advocate at Netlawgic Legal, a distinguished law firm renowned for its expertise in civil, commercial, family, real estate, and criminal law. With nearly a decade of experience practicing in the courts of Maharashtra, Advocate Khupse has developed a robust proficiency in handling complex legal cases across various domains.

Advocate Khupse embarked on his legal journey after completing a BSc in Electronics from Nowrosjee Wadia College in Pune, which provided him with a unique analytical perspective beneficial to his legal practice. He then earned his LLB from ILS Law College, Pune, where he honed his skills in legal reasoning and litigation.

In his role at Netlawgic Legal, Advocate Khupse specializes in civil law, expertly navigating the nuances of civil suit cases, including their procedures and status updates. His approach to civil law encompasses a wide range of issues from contractual disputes to property litigation, and he is adept at providing strategic legal solutions that safeguard his clients’ interests.


As a family lawyer, Advocate Khupse is sensitive to the complexities of family law matters, guiding clients through the intricacies of marital disputes, custody battles, and inheritance issues with empathy and legal acumen. His expertise ensures that clients receive comprehensive support during these challenging times.

For those seeking legal assistance in Maharashtra, Advocate Khupse is a go-to civil lawyer near me, known for his accessibility and commitment to his clients. Whether representing individuals in civil litigation or advising businesses in commercial disputes, his thorough understanding of civil law procedures and dedicated client service make him an invaluable asset to those he represents.

Advocate Prateek Khupse’s extensive experience and specialized knowledge in civil, family, and commercial law make him a cornerstone of Netlawgic Legal. His commitment to legal excellence and client satisfaction underscores his reputation as one of the leading lawyers in the region. For anyone needing expert legal counsel or representation in civil suit cases or family law matters, Advocate Khupse offers the expertise and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of the legal system.


Advocate Prateek Khupse has more than 12 years experience in handling cases related to Civil Law, Consumer law and Family Law.

Advocate Prateek Khupse is the Consultant Advocate at Netlawgic Legal. He is a Legal Practitioner at the Courts of law in Maharashtra with almost a decade of experience in civil, commercial, family, real estate and criminal law. Adv. Prateek Khupse pursued BSc Electronics from Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune and LLB from ILS Law College, Pune.

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