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As cyber and data protection lawyers, we apply our deep understanding of legal principles to address concrete, individual challenges and safeguard client interests in the digital realm. Our work encompasses the dynamic interplay between theoretical law and practical solutions, focusing on the protection of digital rights and data security.

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Cybercrime, an emerging issue for law enforcement, gains complexity with its often international scope, challenging authorities to investigate and prosecute offenders effectively. The duties of a cyber lawyer or a cyber law expert significantly differ across various legal jurisdictions, adapting to the nuances of global digital crime.

Advocate Rajas Pingle

Managing Partner

Advocate C S Pingle

Senior Partner - Civil and Property Law

Advocate Prateek Khupse

Consultant Advocate

What We Do

Cybercrime is a relatively new concern for law enforcement officials and with cybercrime often having an international dimension.

Cyber Laws

Cyber Law is significant because it touches almost every aspect of business, transactions and activities involving Internet, World Wide Web and Cyber Space
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Data Protection Laws

Data Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. Reasonable Security Practices & Procedures, Data Protection and Privacy. EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance (GDPR) and Training to Body Corporates.
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IP Law

In today’s digital world IPR is the most valuable asset for an individual or an organisation
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Criminal Litigation

Under the Indian legal system the criminal liability for an act or omission arises out of a statute proscribing an act or omission. A breach of the statutorily proscribed act or the prescribed duty by a person is to be visited with punishment as sanctioned by the law.
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